Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Semi-Heroic Reviews: Man of Steel

It seems odd to think of and look at Superman as a figure of controversy. But in our exceedingly social age little does escape controversy. And when the subject has been around for over 75 years, everyone has an opinion about how to tell their story right.

So when Superman returned...again, and the decision was made to not emulate iconic 30 year films, conflict follows.

Now, 5 years on, the "Internet consensus" would be happy to close the book on this film, and dismiss it. Man of Steel was bad. It's didn't work. It was made wrong. The movie got Superman completely wrong. End of story. Close the book.

And that seeming consensus has a strong hove to it. After Man of Steel's follow up, Batman vs Superman, came out, I found myself avoiding watching Man of Steel. I had enjoyed the film when I went to the theater. And when I rewatched it. And when I bought the DVD. The negative push that came after the release and over the intervening time had weeded it's way into my memory.

So let's keep that book open, and reexamine this film.

It wasn't until mid-2016, when I was rewatching Man of Steel that I was reminded how well this film worked for me. The re-imagining of Krypton. The lost and questing Clark Kent. Lois Lane sniffing out Superman before he even existed. Zod, and his unbending will, keeping Krypton's culture and ideology alive, no matter what it cost.

It was in many ways borrowing from the long history of Superman. And in other ways, it added new takes and ideas. A respect for lore, with a willingness to go beyond as needed. When it comes to beloved lore, it's exactly what is needed to help it live and grow.

Let's take flight then, and see the power of...

Man of Steel

Monday, November 13, 2017

Subspace Reviews: Star Trek: Discovery - Ep 7 - "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad"

Episode seven brings us to a return of an unexpected reoccurring character this season. Harry Mudd.

I'm sure he's over that being left to rot on a Klingon prison ship.

A return of Mudd, and an episode of this new series which feels surprising like a Classic Trek or Next Generation episode. A dangerous situation. A colorful foe. An internal conflict. The ship on the line. And Lorca gets to die.

But no news on what's happen to Cornwell. :(

Subspace Reviews: Star Trek: Discovery - Ep 6 - "Lethe"

Back into Discovery again, and this time we get to know a little more about a popular Vulcan among Trekkies. Sarek.

In fact, after seeing this episode I started to build an interesting timeline for the Sarek family between Spock's birth and his entrance to Starfleet Academy based on this episode. But that will have to wait until the midseason break next week. And the rest of these midseason reviews.

So let's see who lives and who prospers.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Subspace Reviews: Star Trek: Discovery - Ep 5 - "Choose Your Pain"

We get a simpler title this time around, and am I the only one that feels this could be a song title for a heavy metal song? Come on, you can't imagine Saru and Burnham fronting a band, with Lorca in back on the drums in a glam rock wig? I can't be the only one that could imagine that.

As I'm a little behind on reviews, I decided to hold off on watching new episodes, so I am not too far ahead as I review. So I haven't seen episode 8 yet. So I have to hurry up, as I know I am missing some good stuff. Now, if only my Internet service will give me enough bandwidth to write, save, and have twitter open...

We return to Discovery having now successfully implemented the Spore Drive technology. This ship can jump anywhere instantly. And in a war, being where you're needed at a moments notice is quite the boon.

Monday, November 06, 2017

Subspace Reviews: Star Trek: Discovery - Ep 4 "The Butcher's Knife Cares Not For the Lamb's Cry"

Wow. That's a title, isn't it? Reminds you of some of the titles from Classic Trek, that funneled their way into later series on occasion. But for what the crew of the Discovery are working against in this episode, it is rather apt.

Welcome back to my Subspace Reviews. I do apologize for these starting up again so late. But it has been the glorious Halloween season, and for that time, if I'm not ahead of schedule, some things end up being delayed.

But it is time to return to the Trek Sector of space to find out if the Spore Drive can finally be successfully implemented to take the crew places never gone to before.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, The Houses October Built, In Short

October is coming to a close. The Halloween season is now at it's grand horizon. And tonight will be the last night for most all haunted houses to be visited.

It is always a sad sight in the days after Halloween to see the festivities out by the curb. It's almost as painful as the mid-October shift in stores to Christmas.

But this day is here, and we are can live it. Enjoy it. Be terrified by what we like, be it house, or kid at the door, or movie we enjoy.

So let's head into...

The Houses October Built.

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Tales of Halloween (2016), In Short

Halloween is finally here! Let's party.

But maybe it's not time for that, or maybe you just need your horror fix to continue. So what will we watch. Something about Halloween, obviously. But what to pick?

So hard to choose. So let's go buffet on this. Let's go anthology film. So...

Tales of Halloween.

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Hellraiser (1987)

There are many gory horror movies and movie series out there. Some go for the ridiculous. Some go for the ongoing dread. Some are just about throwing some blood around.

And then you have films that take you to another world. Where gore is the beginning of an exploration. Where it acts as a portal for beings outside our understanding.

All you need to do to meet them is...solve the puzzle.

It's time to solve accept the challenge, welcome the suffering, and see if we can come out sane on the other side of...


Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Dracula: In The Company Of Monsters - An Introduction

It's a cold and rainy day, and sometimes you need more than a good film or show to bolster your Halloween and macabre sensibility. Sometimes, you just want a good read. A tome not so much of forgotten lore, but of enjoyable horror.

And if you need an interesting read, as you enter this new week, try one of the many tales of Dracula tales made into a comic. A mix of dark words, dark deeds, and striking imagery.

Dracula: In The Company Of Monsters.

Published by BOOM! Studios in 2011, this tale takes us into a strange twist in the unlife of Dracula. is he the most evil force to face? This story challenges that idea.

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Star Trek - "Catspaw", In Short

As the last weekend of Halloween comes to an end, we need something comfy. Particularly if where you are is cold right now, we need a mug of something and some good old fun to snuggle up with under a blanket.

So let's set a course, and go to warp. It's time for some Star Trek.

And let's take a look at the Star Trek franchise's only holiday episode. And it's a Halloween one.

Star Trek - "Catspaw"