Saturday, May 29, 2010

Horror Host fun

Came across some fun had by Neil Gaiman and Malena Teves during filming host segments for a Monster Movie marathon. Funny stuff with Teves.

It was to use with documentary over the Horror Host. And as I have said before I love a fun horror film, and really love a good horror host. It is just a pain that I cannot see them on TV around here. But there is some access on the net. But looking at the doc, American Scary, I will have to get it and enjoy.

And I now found I can watch old Elvira's on YouTube. Cool. Hope to find more old classics, and new ghouls.

Dog finds friend

Cute vid of a dog in desperate need of aid. The very end of the video shows what the dog took away from the event.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bechdeling your movies

A fun and useful primer on the Bechdel Test from Feminist Frequency.

The test is always interesting, as it provokes some people. The point is that is NOT to show a good movie, a pro-Women flick, or a fun scene. The point is, does the script take any consideration of women as anything else than a romantic cog, a being focused on a male lead, or a sexual being. Not that being in a romance is bad, or being sexual. But what interest was there in the females of the story?

As can be pointed out. There are films where guys get a short shrift to, with no focus on any additional dimensions to their character. Very true. The problem is, is that this is an EXCEPTION. With women it far too often is shown to be the RULE. So all movies have to pass the test? NO. Of course not. It isn't a judgement as such. It is just an indicator. One that should make one ask, is there something wrong with how things are done? Can scriptwriters take this issue to heart and accommodate change? Can producers pull their heads out of their asses?

Because women do not get enough respect in Entertainment it seems.

Even in the comic movie world it is a pain. After the Wonder Woman Direct to DVD movie came out, it was decided to just dump ALL the female hero movies on the way into production. Why? Is it because it bombed in the stores? No. It was because it didn't make its money as fast as teh Batman, Superman, and Justice League DVD's. It made the money just not as fast. So all the other plans were scrapped. How often is this sort of excuse trotted out by the execs to push back against female leads in motion pictures? Too often.

Take the test during your next matinee visit.

What you pay for.

Here is a good quick look at some of the prices we pay day to day that we should be thinking about.

Top 5 Retail Markups

No surprise, people pay a lot to get organic, drink bottled water, and get coffee on the go at places like Starbucks.

Here's what I do, get a bottle that had water, if I must, or sody pop, and reuse to carry around tap water, and reuse, and reuse, and reuse... Thing is I love the standard pop bottle design. They are less awkward, hold the liquid at bay, sit in a car, and come with the price of a drink, compared to awkward ones in the dining items area of a store.

Riffing on Metroid

Here is a fun little editted together piece from the newer version of the game Metroid. It was melded with a collection of riffs from Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy. It is an excellent editing job and damn funny.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Telecom attack on Net Neutrality

An interesting look from ThinkProgress to the plans of the telecoms to react to moves to defend access to the internet.

Unsurprising, it involves getting you scared.

Did you know we are going down the road of China to control your access to knowledge? (The corps will save you though. They're great like that.)

Did you know the Man is out to get you? (The corps don't like the Man. They want to fight the Man. Put this suit on, put this tie on, and join the fight against the Man.)

More Star Wars Fun

Eddie Izzard - The Death Star Canteen

Trouble with Facebook

I have been tempted at times to try Facebook. But I am not sure how useful it would be for me. And more there are too many stories of security issues. Then there are the issues with how Facebook uses your personal information, or how it changes privacy controls without warning.

Good look at the issue.

New Ice Ages

Here is a good page discussing the myth that scientist a few decades back believed that we were heading towards a new ice age threat. This plays into attacks on Climate Change, particularly from those that like to go and tar scientist.

But apparently the media loved the story far more than any group of scientist. No support agreement from the institutes, who saw the C02 threat pointing to increased warming then.

But it is such a great libertarian punching bag.

Becking it up

It is worthwhile to keep in mind the crap Glenn Beck spouts.

Beware the schools, get the kids out! Yeah. The schools are lying and poisoning kids minds. It is full of lies Glenn knows. Also the only place people are racing to get to for immigration, or to sneak into is America...really, I heard it from Glenn Beck.

Then there is the secret report that Sec Sebilius was hiding, not really. But Glenn knows the truth.

And then net neutrality. Did you know it is all a secret liberal plot to take over the internet and control your free speech? Glenn Beck does.

And remember Glenn himself says he takes none of it seriously. But people are affected and believe his rants.

NonChristian Nation

I enjoyed Phil Plaitt's look at the fact...

We are not a Christian nation

It is a thoughtful and good look at the silliness of the claims that we are. And I always enjoy the inevitable complaints in his comments when he talk about things other than astronomy. Apparently he should know better. He does, and that is why the good doctor speaks his mind.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Election Night Fun

From Blackadder the Third - Election Night for the Adder Party.

Star Wars fun

Here is the original Star Wars two LEGO.

Ta da.

Burn Notice Promos

They have some fun promos for the USA Network, blending Burn Notice, Psych, White Collar, etc.

First Look.

National Day of Reason 2010

Happy National Day of Reason...or howdie NDR...

National Day of Reason

Reason it out.

Net Neutrality news

Will we be regulating broadband lines?

And I love the threat from telecoms that they will fight in court and cut investment in infrastructure. If they won't maintain and do their duty...maybe they should have their prizes returned to the government to run, or to pass out to those willing to actually do the job.

A thought.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

When being Jewish isn't Christian enough.

FOX likes to play the great defender of Christianity (except when they need to be the Judeo-Christian defender). It does lead the defense in matters like "the War on Christmas". They have found another reason to howl about the White House and President Obama. They are not acknowledged Christianity again. Remember, they have plenty of excuses, from meeting atheist to not enough vigor over a prayer day. But this...

Media Matters:

But if you click through the image, you discover a report about how the White House has not included the phrase "in the year of our Lord" in a proclamation... declaring May as Jewish American Heritage Month.

So in honoring a cultural heritage of Jews in the US, Obama and the White House didn't pause to proclaim the glory of the Christian god. That is gall. But it is also all FOX.

When it comes to attacking Obama, there are no holds barred, and no apologizes.

Year of our Lord. Tradition for religious sake. And Christianity, a continuing majority, and ever the victim.

Why are people listening to Brownie?

Michael Brown, was over his head as the head of FEMA. When Katrina hit things were bad.

But he, like so many Cheney and Rove lackies, want to pop up now and do there part going after Pres. Obama.

And Brownie is just full of it.

He claims that Obama wanted the oil to get out and cause damage to fulfill his secret ends to end off shore drilling. It's all a plot. A ploy. A load of crap from him and others like Limbaugh.

Even other Reps want to keep there distance. And let others do the damage...

What is fun though is to listen to his little tirade. If you listen when he hits his stride in attacks the president he starts talking about how many days since the event that Obama did this and that. But what he says is the number of days since the storm, and then he corrects and continues.

The storm? Hello Freud.

Beautiful. We all know what his real beef is.

Better was Gibbs yesterday, just rhetorically spanking a FOX reporter for how the channel is handling claims like this. Oh yeah.

Thankfully, he does seem to be a joke.

Great Whiner

It is almost funny to watch Beck now. He is loosing financial support, viewers, and now he is just whining about how people don't take him serious and give him the attention he deserves.

Crooks and Liars:

Waaaahmbulance, stat! Glenn Beck whines that 'the press' doesn't take his conspiracy theories seriously

Interesting and fun video series

This is a fun 6 episode series online. God, Inc.

Episode 1

Reminder about Minnesota GOP

Next Republican vying to be governor of an interesting type.

Not the good interesting.

The Minnesota Republican Party's official candidate to succeed Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who is looking ahead to a 2012 run for President, is a staunch conservative well to Pawlenty's right who has a long history of "Tentherism," the attempts by the far right-wing to invoke the Tenth Amendment and nullify federal laws on various liberal initiatives. He has even proposed a state constitutional amendment that would allow federal laws to operate in Minnesota only if they were consented to by super-majorities of the state legislature.

Who needs Federal law? And who needs this twit in Minnesota?

Miranda...sounds foreign

In the wake of the scare in Time's Square, Reps had a choice. Help calm people, help bring the antagonist to justice, help answer the why's and wherefores, or just plain not help.

Guess where the Reps went.

So what were their first concerns afterwards? Was the blighter mirandized? This is a step taken by rule with those taken in for arrest. A must, by law. But was he mirandized? Like McVeigh once was. Like Dahlmer once was. Like Capone once was. Like some many villains have and will be (hopefully, less conservatives have there way).

But that was the panicked question from Rep. Peter King, and then Sen. John McCain. And so the game continues on.

As before, does it matter that we get useful information? No. That we have caught the near do well? Hell no.

It is a matter of not using any and all means to get info, squeeze it all out. Let us not think about what that means. Heavens no. We do it for England...Or America...Or whatever.  Stiff upper lips, carry on.

Then Lieberman leaped in and wants new law. He wants to strip some of citizenship for their connections, it is unclear if the perceived connection will be enough.

So consider the issues. Do we allow, at the very least, US citizens there rights under the law? When the crime if very severe? Are we a nation of laws or not? You can't piss around. One or the other.

And as to stripping peoples citizenship, and rights... So you take a person, you suspect them of a crime. Then you strip away rights, citizenship, etc. Then after all of this, you look into whether they are actually guilty or not, or if there is any possibility. Then after judging the innocent get their rights back.

Is that how we want to work. Where is the line? Who can and cannot be a citizen now? Or in the future?

The changing tunes of Reps in need

In the wake of oil seeping through the gulf towards their realms, some Republicans see the light suddenly. Hallelujah.

Through oil-fouled water, big government looks better and better

Sen. Vitter - Doesn't want BP to have to take on a cruel burden...Hello Feds.
Gov. Jindahl - Wants the Feds to start to plan for how they will those in need...him.
Same with Sen. Shelby, Sen. Sessions, Sen. LeMieux, and Rep. Miller - Feds will act.

Heck some have even called for BP to pay plenty out. What happen to tort reform, not bleeding the poor corps?

The times they are a'changing...until tomorrow.

A Look in the Glenn Beck closet

Here is a "fun" slide show looking at the work of a fellow that Beck thinks quite highly of. It is one W. Cleon Skousen, who is a pretty twisted fellow. Not to mention is view of history.

Take a look at the slideshow.

Right-wing historian W. Cleon Skousen has seen a posthumous rise in popularity thanks to Fox News host Glenn Beck, who has praised Skousen's book The 5000 Year Leap and said that the 9 principles and 12 values of his 912 Project were inspired by Skousen's "28 principles of freedom." As MoJo's Stephanie Mencimer reports, demand for the constitutional seminars offered by Skousen's National Center for Constitutional Studies has more than tripled since the Tea Party movement took off. A new edition of The 5000 Year Leap (with a foreward by Beck) is flying off the shelves.
So what does Skousen's version of American history look like, exactly? A reading of Skousen's 1986 textbook, The Making of America, and its corresponding workbook, reveal a revisionist—and racially charged—narrative that's pretty different from the one most Americans study in school.

Obama and Net Neutrality

Here are some updates on the state of Net Neutrality, the work and guarantee on internet access.

Bad News on Net Neutrality
The courts aren't friendly to the prospect and have opposed the FEC. Meaning the telecoms would keep control of who has access.

Obama Administration to break promise and cave to telecoms, leave the Internet unprotected?
It is not clear if Obama will continue to fight on this.

In early April, a federal court stripped the FCC of its power to regulate the Internet. Now it seems the Obama administration is considering doing nothing in response, giving power over our Internet to the greedy phone and cable companies.