Wednesday, May 05, 2010

When being Jewish isn't Christian enough.

FOX likes to play the great defender of Christianity (except when they need to be the Judeo-Christian defender). It does lead the defense in matters like "the War on Christmas". They have found another reason to howl about the White House and President Obama. They are not acknowledged Christianity again. Remember, they have plenty of excuses, from meeting atheist to not enough vigor over a prayer day. But this...

Media Matters:

But if you click through the image, you discover a report about how the White House has not included the phrase "in the year of our Lord" in a proclamation... declaring May as Jewish American Heritage Month.

So in honoring a cultural heritage of Jews in the US, Obama and the White House didn't pause to proclaim the glory of the Christian god. That is gall. But it is also all FOX.

When it comes to attacking Obama, there are no holds barred, and no apologizes.

Year of our Lord. Tradition for religious sake. And Christianity, a continuing majority, and ever the victim.

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