Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bechdeling your movies

A fun and useful primer on the Bechdel Test from Feminist Frequency.

The test is always interesting, as it provokes some people. The point is that is NOT to show a good movie, a pro-Women flick, or a fun scene. The point is, does the script take any consideration of women as anything else than a romantic cog, a being focused on a male lead, or a sexual being. Not that being in a romance is bad, or being sexual. But what interest was there in the females of the story?

As can be pointed out. There are films where guys get a short shrift to, with no focus on any additional dimensions to their character. Very true. The problem is, is that this is an EXCEPTION. With women it far too often is shown to be the RULE. So all movies have to pass the test? NO. Of course not. It isn't a judgement as such. It is just an indicator. One that should make one ask, is there something wrong with how things are done? Can scriptwriters take this issue to heart and accommodate change? Can producers pull their heads out of their asses?

Because women do not get enough respect in Entertainment it seems.

Even in the comic movie world it is a pain. After the Wonder Woman Direct to DVD movie came out, it was decided to just dump ALL the female hero movies on the way into production. Why? Is it because it bombed in the stores? No. It was because it didn't make its money as fast as teh Batman, Superman, and Justice League DVD's. It made the money just not as fast. So all the other plans were scrapped. How often is this sort of excuse trotted out by the execs to push back against female leads in motion pictures? Too often.

Take the test during your next matinee visit.

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