Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Why are people listening to Brownie?

Michael Brown, was over his head as the head of FEMA. When Katrina hit things were bad.

But he, like so many Cheney and Rove lackies, want to pop up now and do there part going after Pres. Obama.

And Brownie is just full of it.

He claims that Obama wanted the oil to get out and cause damage to fulfill his secret ends to end off shore drilling. It's all a plot. A ploy. A load of crap from him and others like Limbaugh.

Even other Reps want to keep there distance. And let others do the damage...

What is fun though is to listen to his little tirade. If you listen when he hits his stride in attacks the president he starts talking about how many days since the event that Obama did this and that. But what he says is the number of days since the storm, and then he corrects and continues.

The storm? Hello Freud.

Beautiful. We all know what his real beef is.

Better was Gibbs yesterday, just rhetorically spanking a FOX reporter for how the channel is handling claims like this. Oh yeah.

Thankfully, he does seem to be a joke.

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