Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Miranda...sounds foreign

In the wake of the scare in Time's Square, Reps had a choice. Help calm people, help bring the antagonist to justice, help answer the why's and wherefores, or just plain not help.

Guess where the Reps went.

So what were their first concerns afterwards? Was the blighter mirandized? This is a step taken by rule with those taken in for arrest. A must, by law. But was he mirandized? Like McVeigh once was. Like Dahlmer once was. Like Capone once was. Like some many villains have and will be (hopefully, less conservatives have there way).

But that was the panicked question from Rep. Peter King, and then Sen. John McCain. And so the game continues on.

As before, does it matter that we get useful information? No. That we have caught the near do well? Hell no.

It is a matter of not using any and all means to get info, squeeze it all out. Let us not think about what that means. Heavens no. We do it for England...Or America...Or whatever.  Stiff upper lips, carry on.

Then Lieberman leaped in and wants new law. He wants to strip some of citizenship for their connections, it is unclear if the perceived connection will be enough.

So consider the issues. Do we allow, at the very least, US citizens there rights under the law? When the crime if very severe? Are we a nation of laws or not? You can't piss around. One or the other.

And as to stripping peoples citizenship, and rights... So you take a person, you suspect them of a crime. Then you strip away rights, citizenship, etc. Then after all of this, you look into whether they are actually guilty or not, or if there is any possibility. Then after judging the innocent get their rights back.

Is that how we want to work. Where is the line? Who can and cannot be a citizen now? Or in the future?

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