Monday, November 06, 2006

Starting of a new day...

It's almost Nov. 7th! That means Election Day, USA...well midterm elections. Still this year, in this lifetime, that means either 2 more years of the same wartime strategies (or is that tactics, or is that strategies or is that tactics...), the same lack of legislative oversight, the same pork barrel politics, or...changes of course, a no longer legally blind Congress, and a whole host of new pork barrel fun.

I know the through and through cynics will say nothing will change, but even a grumbly mumbly Jaded Skeptic knows we need true oversight, and, heck, even slight changes in whose at the pork barrel will give us something to talk about.

So, if you absentee voted, good for you! If not, get up and get out tomorrow to your precinct and get those votes in for the candidate(s) of your choosing. Read up and get to it with those referred laws, referendums, amendments, etc. There are plenty of disturbing agendas afoot. It seems to be hardly the time to choose apathy.

Come what may tomorrow, it is a new day. And so will be the next day. Some fools campaign to subvert science. Others want to rewrite history. And still others, they want to make the world in their own image. Sitting back, watching Comedy Central and the latest batch of vids on YouTube, won't mean a tinker's damn if the real world is left to the loons (No, not you, the other ones.).

So go forth you Fools Errant! There's a world that needs saving! And pick up some milk while you’re out.

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