Sunday, June 29, 2008

Euro 2008 is OVER!

After some tricks on the field, some so so refereeing, and some amazing footwork, Euro 2008 is at an end. Vienna has given us some great soccer today. It came down to Germany and Spain, personally I wouldn't have minded Croatia and/or Turkey in this final, but it has been a very good year for Spain. And Spain has shown a whole lot of skill and determination.

And they have taken the cup this year.

Congrats to Spain!

Ole! Ole, Ole, Ole! Ole! Ole!

UPDATE: Thought I would include a better picture.


Robert Tilling said...

I was particularly happy the French failed so miserably after their coach Raymond Domenech revealed he used astrology to help him pick his squad for the tournament and his line up before each match.

Odd Jack, the Jaded Skeptic said...

Ah. I had not heard that. Makes the victory all the sweeter and exemplifies how cruddy they were. Surprised their forward didn't end up being some five year old from Avion. But I am sure the movie version will fix that, and have them win.

But perhaps it will be a telling lesson.

France, your team was chosen by astrology, see what it got you? Can we all say lesson learned?

Eh, I can wish.