Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rending the bloom from the flower

Crooks and Liars is looking at the odd move by many of the news shows to inundate their air with conservatives tearing down the speakers and mood. Apparently each and every speech has been a failure and a disappointment, and the delegates are about to break and never talk least if you listen to some pundits.

Every time I turn on the TV and watch CNN and FOX (my hotel doesn’t get MSNBC) every Republican operative controls the dialog and direction of the panel discussion and it’s disgusting. Just one example—Hillary Clinton gave a brilliant speech last night, but every Amy Holmes-type talking head throws as much cold water on the speech as he or she can. The result is that the Dem talkers spend the rest of the time disputing the outrageous claims made and thus the GOP controls the entire framing and the entire segment. It’s shameful that the networks are allowing this to happen. I saw Jeffrey Toobin tell Amy that she was out of her mind with some of her comments and the discussion continues to that end. Soledad O’Brien comes back and says “well, that was a lively discussion.” Oh, no it was not. It’s a calculated ratf&@k. This is going on all day and all night.


Will the
Democratic talkers be allowed to do the same to the Republican Convention? I think not. It will be viewed as being an incredible event.
Yeah, apparently the Clinton speech was a failure. Soledad was down playing it on CNN. And Joe and Mika were in shock and disbelief anytime someone said otherwise. That is Mika was playing along with Joe and playing lackey until he started to mock a female analyst they were talking to and she was a little pissy until after the commercial break. That was slightly funny as she was gesturing and mirroring and agreeing with everything Gold Old Joe was saying then he started mocking the woman and she snapped out of her role (Really, you could see her straighten up, get serious and quiet and just stare at him.). She should try doing that more often and on the big political issue.

But the dumbest stuff is getting being made into something. You have heard about column-gate, right? Apparently it is really big news that Obama may have some columns behind him when he gives his acceptance speech. I did say it was BIG NEWS... Granted it is not clear if these were just frames for another structure to be put on or actual columns. But the conservatives and the media always eager to chase the red ball are salivating.

And the news coverage all strangely ignores the GOP's own love of using columns in speech backdrops.

Then you have Brian Williams expressed opinions that Obama's history is bizarre. Apparently a Kenyan - Kansas - South Pacific story is freaky. From a person with a Midwestern - South American story, Brian Williams you are a waspish ass. Thanks for calling all of us kids of diversity feel...special.

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