Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Slashing away...

She is mentioning she slashed at the wasteful helping teen moms. Should I mention she has a line item veto. That means she has the power to take a bill, and cut only parts out, not just veto the whole thing.

So she went into a bill saw this aid to young girls, pregnant and in need of help, and thought...screw 'em.


You know, the one she campaigned for to win the governorship. That she was happy with, until the ethics issues arose. Then she took all the money she could keep to use, and not return to the Feds. The money she couldn't keep she spent under the rules and law. So it is that brave stand.

Man I thought she would just let it slide...but she put it there for us all to point at and call her a liar. THANKS, Sarah! Your the best.

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