Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Denziens of this new age

There have been a number of troubling stories as the economic situation has worsened.

Some sad and tragic. Like a story told at an event Ed Schultz had. Where a man told the story of the state of his family. They were well off, he had a business that was doing well. Then his wife became sick. They tried to find answers in Arizona with no luck. The insurance company was no help, and as we all know these days, hostile. When they wanted to go to Mayo in Minnesota, but that was a no no for insurance. But that is where the specialist were, and the family wanted to help mom. So they went and found some answers. But it is draining what money they saved. Even when you are financially well off and a hard worker, insurance companies are looking for pre-existing conditions (Jindal thought this was a funny thing?) and loop holes to get out of doing there function.

HEALTHCARE...Yeah we need to deal with it to.

Then their are more pathetic ones.

Like an example that came up on Break Room Live. Where this husband had a VERY nice job a few years back, enough to have half a million at least stashed away for the better than any of us. Well, he quit that job to go and become a solo hedge fund manager...yeah, really. SO that didn't go well. Now they have apparently burned through all of that savings. They also are more than 100,000 in debt. So they lament he is forced to deliver pizza now. And they are worried about their extremely expensive car, expensive house, the pair of jet skis in the garage gathering dust, and the kids in their expensive private schools...really. So before going into debt blowing through the retirement cash, they never thought, and still don't think it is worth it to sell the car, house, or jet ski's, or putting the kids in public school. And this guy is hoping for a few big breaks that he can ride...back. He is in denial and unwilling to admit his life has changed radically. That is pathetic.

Also we have the public resignation from AIG...AIU now. They exec is upset. He got picked on by the boss and by Congress. How unfair. His division worked, and made money. Sure the whole company nearly collapsed, but he wants his money. Sure in other businesses and for other workers, a loss of benefits or pay is expected (see the unions), but not him. What galls me more about his 1 buck a year salary, compensated by the bonus he gets of 750 grand. Isn't this what the rich do to avoid taxes? Take a buck, to get out of income tax and protect their actual income. And he is complaining about his victim hood.

Yeesch. Just yeesch.

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