Sunday, March 28, 2010

Emptying the To Do Box: Texas Schools


So...Jefferson is dropped?

Well, to be fair, it is just from discussion of a more international flavor, than American History. as I understand it.  But that is too much.  He is unfairly applied for his influence to thinking around the world.  Jefferson was vitally important to the resulting revolution in France, and affected thinking in many up and coming nations to this day.  So bullshit.  But added to this is the addition of Calvin and Aquinas.  Those two.  Calvin is...really, him over Jefferson...

The problem here with these choices and others is it clearly points to not ending's about supplanting one for another.  That is not better.  Because Jefferson and groups like the important Mexicans in Texas history are important.  Aquinas is someone they wish was important, to argue their (The Conservative) philosophy. (Oddly it makes Thomas Jefferson the enemy of modern day conservatism.)  And Schlaffley and  Contract with can argue for them.  But they are going in with no sense of other events...And I doubt their failing will be added, like how that Contract collapse in on itself in short work.  Do you think Gingrich shutting down government leading to mass support rushing to Clinton's side will be in there?  Me neither.

And the big picture.  History is to be reformed.  Church and State can and should be united.  There is no historical dissent allowed.  Evolution and all science that challenges the bible is false.  No proof otherwise is accepted.  This is not a pretty picture.  It is unacceptable.

In all the times I saw Cynthia Dunbar pop up on national TV for interviews.  I was no one bother to pull all this together and challenge her and the others on what damage they are doing to the education of students in Texas and around the country.  That is disappointing.

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