Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's the holidays...and I should be writing.


Yes. What the fuck.

Okay. Mostly this is mostly a note to me, because I have allowed myself to go radio silent on the blog for about a month now, and that is rather annoying me. It's not as if this has been an uneventful month on any front of interest to me. But I have been struggling to write. Sitting down, organizing thoughts, putting them down in a semi-coherent form, and hitting post, it just hasn't been happening for me. And that annoys me.

Worse, it means I start, as I've noted before, building up tabs on my browsers full of topics and articles I want to reference and talk about. And then it all gets overwhelming, and

But it has been extra annoying as I've been, for the last month wanting to write some posts on the holiday season (Yes, Richard Dawkins, it is a valid phrase. Learn to live with that.). I missed Diwali by a day, it happens. But Hanukkah  I started writing something up on it on Day 1. And, on Day 9, still nothing was done. You may be thinking, "But Jaded Skeptic, there are only 8 days in Hanukkah " Or, you may not know that. In which case, SEE, I've failed you. Point is, it didn't get done, in an 8 DAY window.

My procrastinating on this is getting out of hand. Particularly as their are things I want to talk about here, and things I'd enjoying sharing.

So, again, this mostly about kicking myself, and being pissed at a missed seasonal opportunity to share. So, next year, we'll talk Hanukkah, Diwali, Ramadan, etc.

But maybe I can tweak some of the interesting Christmas customs...maybe. It does feel cheap to just talk Christ Mass. Rather run of the mill, isn't it?


Let the frog play the trumpet...That's how we all celebrate December, right?

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