Thursday, April 18, 2013

75 years of Lois Lane being it all.

It's been 75 years of Superman come to day. All those years of adventures. But, as important, it's been 75 years of Lois Lane adventuring, often by his side. Chasing a story. Aiding her husband. Scaring the powerful into soiling themselves. That's Lois Lane.

Sadly, DC Comics is not as interested in her anniversary, or character, these days. I can't explain the thinking. But I can celebrate Lois Lane and Superman both. But, today, let's look at all that Lois Lane does in our grand comic book world. And tonight we've been celebrating her some on Twitter with the  hashtag. And this post is late for that. But posts are less transient than twitter. And I plan, hopefully, to write far more later on about Lois and Clark. So let's start here, the many faces of Lois Lane (Not guaranteed to actually be all the faces of Lane. And all offers void in the Continental United States.)


There since Action Comics #1, and the first of the great pieces of the Superman Mythos started. (Luthor, Kryptonite, Daily Planet, etc, all to come in the years and decades. But Lois was there at the start.)

Action Comics #1
Determined and terrifying reporter.

Superman: Secret Origins

Daring and unflinching war correspondent.

Doesn't take your BS.

Superman: Birthright


Justice League: The New Frontier

She also gets to team up with Batman.

Eventually agreed to marry Superman.

Superman: The Wedding Album

Capable mom.

Action Comics #846

And so much more.

But we can talk more about Lois Lane, later. And we might even look at that Superman guy.

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