Wednesday, May 01, 2013

National Poetry Month...has passed

So it is probably time for me to mention it. Ugh.

I had hoped to talk sooner, but perhaps it's better. I am not really the greatest of connoisseurs of poetry. As a kid I was asked to bring in my favorite poem. Ended up bringing in Trees ("I think I shall never see..."). Honestly I think I picked it because it was in a movie, or just because it does get tossed around so much (at least when I was kid). So, yeah.

Still, I hope I've improved some as I've gotten older. I like a good poem, even when it doesn't rhyme! (And I could claim to have tried to write a poem, here and there. But I won't admit to that.) Yet still, I feel the philistine.

Still it is good to take on and experience poetry from time to time, or much of the time; and do it even at times other than April. It is part of literature, which like all the rest, one should partake of.

So let me point you to someone who was properly celebrating this year's National Poetry Month.

Gibbons has been sharing her own work over the last month. I'll link to the National Poetry Month tag so you can enjoy some of her lovely work, and some others she points to.

And then here's something I do enjoy. I am a fan of the work of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (not exactly an unknown). I enjoy listening and reading to her sonnets. So here's one. Go From Me (As opposed to How Do I Love Thee, which everyone seems to do a rendition of. -- Not that that's a bad thing.).

And, fine. How about something a little less serious. Some Captain Jean-Luc Picard, with poetry.

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