Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's National Voter Registration Day

Today is the National Voter Registration Day.

I know, it's a little late to be telling you about it. You can't go out a register at this hour.

But that's the point of it. The elections, the polling, the moment you can exercise that constitutional power isn't tomorrow.

But it is coming soon.

  • Do you know when the midterm elections are? 
  • Do you know what amendments, referendums, and other business are going to be on the next ballot?
  • Do you know your polling place for the next go around?

Rest assured conservatives are mobilizing for the election. Normally, conservatives swamp out liberals at midterm elections. Their numbers are more eager at these times to get in and preserve their norm.

And liberals, we just forget about it. We decide to wait until the presidential election to get involved, or care. We aren't their to keep our representatives in place. We aren't preventing harmful amendments.

I know. The midterms are next year. There's still time.

But that's the point of National Voter Registration Day. It's a reminder on the calendar. It's should get prompt you to be sure to take some interest in what is coming up, get some information (when you have the time), and be sure to be an active citizen.

Still, the voting comes so many months from now. But, can I ask you a question?

  • Do you know is you are, or are still, registered to vote? Are you sure?

Be sure to not wait until the last minute to determine this.

If we do want change, it means we need to be involved.

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