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Trailers In Short - Heroes Coming Back Edition, Part DC

Okay. Let's close out this look at our heroic tales with some DC Comics? We will stick with live action. Haven't even had a chance yet to watch Batman Versus Robin. But I do have some worries about taking this angle for doing the "Court of the Owls" storyline. ...We can get into that another time.

Still, it is fun to keep up on the DC series on now. Sadly, I am a little behind on viewing and reviewing. I do want to get caught up this week on Gotham and Flash, in some manner, so let's see where they are? (Also I'd like to do something for Constantine, to Remember/Hope For The Best For It.) And I want to get into iZombie, to get a sense of it. And Arrow's current season to.

I better hurry up in my homework, as we have additional shows making their way soon to TV, as we'll see.


I am still a little behind on my episodes on Gotham. I need to catch up. So I'll live this here for a little refresher for those interested.

The Flash

The season of the Flash is heating up. The Reverse Flash is approaching his goals. Grodd is quietly on the move. Barry Allen is aware of some of what is happening, but still lagging behind "Harrison Wells". I am curious to see where we are heading at season's end.

As a prep if you haven't watched this weeks episode.

Ah! What will happen?

And before going on. Superhero Fight Club.

Coming Soon! Another show!

The CW has already decided it wants additional DC Comics series on it's network. The next one is a little vague right now. Shipp on The Flash has said somethings. (How It may be called Legends.

But we do know so far that it will include. Hawkgirl (played by Ciara Renee), among heroes and villains (like Heatwave). It may be an anthology series. Or it could be more a team or road trip series.

We will be seeing.

Ray Palmer - The Atom

Captain Cold

Arthur Darvil as Rip Hunter, time travelling hero.
Caity Lotz, who played the now dead Canary on Arrow is also going to be in the series. But it isn't clear what she'll be playing. Presumably it isn't Canary...But we do have a time traveler in the mix.

Later in the year we should have a better idea of the series. Can't wait.

Also, Supergirl and the Teen Titans

CW isn't the only place on TV looking for some live action DC Comics soon.

CBS is moving ahead with a Supergirl series.

It looks like a take that will blend some ideas. She'll be new to an Earth that already has Superman (though he won't be that much a part of the show). She'll take on the identity of Kara Danvers. In that role she'll take a job working for Superman alum Cat Grant at her business. She'll also be interacting with one James "Jimmy" Olson.

She seems to have been living on Earth for a time with the Danvers family, but finally decides to make use of her powers to help people. So Kara Zor-El becomes Supergirl!

The released images of the actress, Melissa Benoist, in costume are nice. It is a pleasant to see take on the character. Often, over these last several several years, the look of Supergirl has focused on miniskirts and bare midriffs. This looks seems like a look that borrows from the character's history while also being reminiscent of Superman's Man of Steel look.

It will be interesting to see what they do with the character as a CBS show. I can't help, but hope a little for a touch of...

Granted the show's Supergirl will be around ten years older, but their are lessons to be learned from this book.

The other show on the horizon is Teen Titans. Granted the most notable version of the concept came on the air several years ago. Then that was followed by Young Justice. And now their is a shorter simplified version of the show that airs now.

But this time it will be live action. TNT has asked for a pilot to try out the concept.

The shows conceit is that Robin leaves Gotham, as does Barbara Gordon (who operates in the way she once did in the comic books, as Oracle), and they end up forming a team of young heroes in Boston.


Barbara Gordon



Hawk and Dove
Not much else is known at present, but I look forward to hearing more. Hopefully it will carry some of the spirit of the old Teen Titans.


Batman Vs Superman - And the DC Cinematic Universe

Now we get into it, hmm? The DC Cinematic Universe.

Now I have heard a few people suggest that DC should stay out of the movie business. Leave it to Marvel. Personally, I'd rather not leave superhero movie to just Marvel and Disney.

Likewise some want movies that replicate what Marvel is doing. But that sounds rather repetitive. Also it seems like it would be nice if every movie took on the look and mood it needed. Man of Steel is not for everyone. And it had problems, but tonally it's fine ()So I'm not one of those comic fans who's going to say they hate that movie.). It is the story of Clark finding his path. So over the film Clark comes out of darkness and uncertainty to stand in the light. The movie makes sense to me. It's not the only way to make a Superman film, but it is sound.

Still, I think there is a point to critique the fact that so far DC is tending to exclusively focus on darker tones of lighting and sensibility. I will not agree with those saying it's "grimdark". But some of it is seeming to be veering that way, but not all of it is. Still, I hope DC and Warner Brothers are taking note of concerns and cogitating on it. Superman can actual be shown in color. He could also be a bit happier being a part of the world and having Lois in his life. And let's not lose the ethos of Superman. Hope. He's a source of hope. And a hopeful person. Man of Steel had him deal with his doubts and come out the other end, embracing the world

So now we have the next step in the DC Cinematic Universe. And it is making people wonder. This teaser is not going to sway those concerns. It is dark. It is blue (It's so blue, people who make movies. Stop that.). It is somber. It is very Batman. And that makes sense. It's Batman vs Superman. And Superman has already been introduced. This is our opening view of the world according to Bats  (And some other characters.) It's our movies opening conflict. It's the conflict some forces want to start, and draw in the Bat and the Man of Tomorrow.

My assumption is that we've yet to see a comprehensive view of the movie (Just as the Star Wars teaser is not a complete view of that movie.). It's from one perspective. We've yet to get a sense of Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, or Aquaman in this movie. Or Lex Luthor. I am not willing to lay out some final judgement based on these two minutes. (Again. Like with the Star Wars trailer, it is too soon to hail or harry.)

This was the side Snyder was eager to showcase. He's been eager to do his homage to The Dark Knight Returns. As we heard early on, Zack Snyder was eager to lift from The Dark Knight Returns. He even brought in Frank Miller for a chat (Never a sharp decision.). And looking at this trailer, you can see that it's dripping with TDKR. Images from it, like Batman with the rifle and in his power armor. Also, all the talking head voices throughout it are clearly akin to the talking heads permeating the book. Of course in a bit of an inverse we get a sense that some people are worshiping and forming armed forces in Superman's name (Or it looks like that in the trailer.), instead of having the Sons of Batman.

Of course elsewhere we've seen people get all reverential about Superman.

But, really, I have been tired of retreading imagery and ideas for the The Dark Knight Returns since the early 90's. Particularly when people are just aping that book. Let's see an interesting take, hmm?

And Batman having all the guns, or "guns", is annoying. Definitely, Batman shouldn't be shooting at people, or killing people. But from Batman to The Dark Knight Rises to the Arkham game series, it is a thing creators keep doing. Machine guns on the Batmobile and Batwing. Heck, remember the time in Batman Returns when he attached a bomb to a clown then knocked him down into the sewer to blow up? The hell?!

But often the attempt is made to suggest the weapons are meant for "creative use". Like opening a hole in wall...or blowing up a factory full of goons... We'll see. And the context for what happens in the teaser trailer isn't clear yet. Has someone taken control of Bruce's plane to make him look bad? Is he walking a line at this point in his life that he needs to be pulled back from?

So much yet to learn.

I am waiting to see more. More of Lois and Diana. More of a complete sense of what the movie will be. I am hopeful that it won't be as one note as people are panicking themselves into believing it will be. I am hoping the plan is to subvert some of our dim expectations. Surprise us, Snyder.

I can't believe the whole movie is just a prolonged grudge match. The point of this movie is that it's "the dawn of justice". It's about how these two forces of nature come together. Neither of them is going to be dying in the movie. And they will have to go on and have a working relationship.

Of course this is the start of the Cinematic Universe. A slew of movies will hopefully follow. We don't know much about most of them yet.

Wonder Woman is still being worked out. Michelle MacLaren is out as director, and Patty Jenkins is in. Some are saying that MacLaren wanted an epic story like Braveheart, while the studio wants more of a character piece for Diana. I am curious for what the results will be. They seem to be keeping to an upcoming shooting schedule.

We also have seen work moving ahead on Suicide Squad. This is a team of convicts (super villains) who are forced into government service. They get sent on suicide missions, with the promise of some reprieve (at least in some versions). It's had some tumult to. But it looks at present to be being lead up by Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harly Quinn, and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller.

Hopefully this proves a fun and interesting movie. It promises to tie into the rest of the universe, particularly Batman. Not too surprising, with Joker (How can we escape him?), Harly, and Killer Croc (Maybe.) involved. But, I hope their may be one or two other ties. (And we may have a cameo by Bruce Wayne and/or Lex Luthor in the film.)

But Joker...

It looks scary. But, hey, it's a creepy look. A guy who's been around a long time, and been bored on occasion. Why not? Besides, I have heard talk that the tattoos may not even be part of his look. Rather it may be an Internet PR bit to draw out reaction and interest. Either way, I am curious. AND, compared to Joker with his face cut off and running around current comic book Gotham...Come on! This is tame in comparison. I am up for playing with his character. (And at least it isn't dreadlocks.)

I've never expected that we'd just get a bunch of carbon copies of what Marvel is doing. But it will be interesting to see what will be arising when we start seeing work on Wonder Woman, Shazam, Flash, and Cyborg movies (Along with the Justice League, Green Lantern, etc.). How much will they be shifting from the current Zack Snyder model and style? I will be pleased if directors bring in some additional sensibilities.

I'm going to remain cautiously upbeat. Heck, Man of Steel's Superman is still more appealing than what the New 52's Superman is offering up.

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