Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Flash Review Season 2

As we ready to see what comes in the 3rd season of The Flash, let's look back at Season 2.

It was a hectic season that started off with Barry Allen, Flash, dealing with the repercussions of the first season. The effort to stop the Reverse Flash from escaping to cause more harm resulted in the deaths of Eddie Thawne and the Reverse Flash. A large tear in space/time opened up over Central City, and the Flash and Firestorm went in to try and close it before reality was destroyed.

In the wake of closing it we learn that Firestorm died in the effort. Ronnie Raymond, half of Firestorm disappeared into the gash in reality, and he is gone. The other half, Dr. Stein, is left without the ability to access their powers.

The Flash struggled with guilt over this, pushing everyone away. He was given control of STAR Labs, so he could use it's resources. But he still lacked the support he needed to embrace.

Once he brought his team back together (with Cisco - taking the codename Vibe, Caitlin, Joe, and Iris) he was hit by a new threat. The rip in reality was still around, and 52 distinct holes existed around the city. And through those holes dangerous metahumans were coming. And they were all targeting the Flash.

A range of Rogues like...

Atom Smasher

 King Shark

"Great. Is everyone planning on throttling me this year?"

Doctor Light

Killer Frost



Black Siren

It should also be noted that Barry was also was able to finally get his father free from prison.

The main threat arises from Zoom.

A deadly new speedster from Earth-2. (It's Earth 2 as it's the second Earth discovered by Team Flash.)

Though when you see the number of heroes from Earth-1 (Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow), it's hard not to see that this would seem to more likely be the equivalent of DC Comic's Earth-3. The world where heroes are criminals.

From Earth-2 we get 2 allies.

Harrison Wells.

Jay Garrick.

But it is eventually learned that Jay isn't true. He's really Hunter Zolomon, a serial killer. He's taken the name of another man to enjoy using his image to make a mockery of everything. So he became Zoom and the Flash of Earth-2.

Zoom needs the speed of other speedsters to get faster and stronger. So he stalks Barry to drive him on.

He also held the real Jay Garrick prisoner, a Flash from yet another Earth.

In the end Zoom wanted a race. A chase around a device that would open the path between all Earths, destroying them.

So Barry ran him down, and Zoom was consumed by the forces he meddled in.

Along the way to this...

He reconnected the Hawks.

Sent Grodd to Gorilla City.

Changed time and accidentally made Pied Piper an ally.

Saw Firestorm reborn.

Teamed up with Supergirl.

"What do you mean this earth doesn't have a Big Belly Burgers...I may have to leave now."

Meet Jesse Quick and Wally West.

"Maybe we should head over to Arrow , get Roy, Artemis,and Speedy, and form the Titans?"

And, lost his father to Zoom.

And this leads us to the end of the season, when Barry goes, "Screw it," and  resets the timeline.

Of course, Barry has already learned that time travel is tricky, messy, and dangerous. It also causes upheaval. So I understand and sympathize with Barry, but am still pissed with him.

He is going to have to learn a hell of a lesson. Screwing up time is a problem for the Time Masters.

So let's see what Flashpoint does the DCCW Universe. And what adventures will come.

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