Friday, August 26, 2016

Fantastic Beast and How To Get Ready For The Movie

This year we are getting the next in the line of Harry Potter Universe films. Fantastic Beast & Where To Find Them. It takes place early in the 20th century, and focuses on events in the United States.

So we have a new era, setting, and magical community to look forward to this Fall. But we don't have to go into this film blind, unless you want to..

J.K. Rowling released a brief history of the magical community of North America a little while back. It introduces the point where the community began to be formalized, how it functions in a non-magical land, and the threats that have emerged.

No-Majs, Ilvermorny, MACUSA, Pukwudgies, Scourers. Rappaport's Law.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Jules: Adopting a dog's life.

Ah, a post 10 months in coming.

It's been around 10 months since I visited the local Humane Society, looking at dogs in need of homes, when I finally found that one. The one you make eye contact with and know you need to go home together.

"You're narrating my life again, aren't you?"