Thursday, June 01, 2017

Semi-Heroic Reviews.

Time for adventure, time for larger than life heroics. Time for good to best evil. It's time for Semi-Heroic Reviews! ...It's the third name that popped in my head, and it amused me, so we're stuck with it.

"Holy Carpal Tunnel, Batman! Does that mean he'll review
"No. Just following our serial required 5 flow charts.
Reviewing us could kill a man."
It's time to head back to the thrilling adventures of yesterday year, or even this year.

Why? Because, like with The Horror Of posts, the point of talking about movies, TV, comics, etc, is to share things and talk about things I love and enjoy, not tear things down for fun. There's is so much out there that we can all enjoy, and some things that are under appreciated, or, even in the Internet Age Resurgence of Super Heroes, unknown to many.

So let's enjoy the bounty.

And to start us off, let's start a trek through the DC Comics Extended Cinematic Universe, and whatever acronym you use for it.

Yes, we will be heading back to 2013 with Man of Steel.

We'll move through the current slate of DC movies until we reach Wonder Woman, and then we'll have that review some time in the weeks to come, after I can see the film a few times and mull on it.

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