Saturday, September 30, 2017

Dready. Set. Halloween!

October has sprung and it's time to start up or prepare a marathon of spooks, scares, macabrey, terror, candy, masks, rotten eggs...Sorry, I feel my mind is wandering onto other To Do lists.

And I was pleased this year that even in August I was seeing the Halloween treats coming out in some places. Christmas likes to make it's presence known so early, so Halloween needs it's space in our lives to. Oh, if only Halloween could move to grab Thanksgiving and push Christmas back.

But maybe I'm being silly.

But we can no longer dally, we can no longer dilly, October has found us again. 

So now it stages it's game, and our imaginations become inflamed. Halloween calls again.

The Fall season plays it tricks, some days hot, others not, but the season will not be held at bay

Leaves will fall, the wind will call, and the pumpkins come out for display.

So no longer hide, no longer shrink, it's time to show some pride.

Horror fans, gore hounds, cosplayers, kids of all kinds!

Find your passion, seek your joy, the season welcomes all who have vision.

That's all there is, that's all to be say, you now have your mission.

It is time for our fun and games and ghouls. We must summon our movies and shows and streaming delights for our ever lengthening nights. So let's start digging up old films. Let's unchain and let loose those shows. Let's find some comic books to warp our minds.

It's time again for Halloween. It's time to let our mischief shine.

And while you ready, while you prep, let's hope I can unveil a surprising gem or two.

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