Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Deal or No Deal

I find this show interesting, from a number of perspective.

There is the fun of watching people think they are fated to win large sums, pass up large sums for bigger ones, cause they deserve it and have it coming to them. Plus you got the NUMBERS, lucky ones and ones calling out.

If it is as random as promised, it is all meaningless, so it is fun to see the belief systems working.

The other way is when patterns emerge.

Conincidentally, the show I am about to mention just was on again. MAYBE IT WAS FATED TO BE SO!

So they had this one guy on. His Story was that of his parents, wo came to the US with only $750 and a dream. Now the son has a shot at some game show money.

So as the show goes on, what happens? The values drop away, and finally what's left?


All multiples of that $750 story. As they approached this point, the host pointed to these numbers still being on the board, and asked if it was meant to be. Sure, his job is to keep the player in or scare them out at certain points, but people are imagining that at home. People do love to believe they are meant for greatness or riches, just because. Destiny! It can make people vulnerable to cons and other risks.

So, what is in the case, after the player takes the deal? $750, the same amount his family came to this country with all those years ago.


But really it is odd, and quirky. Trouble is people will read it as the hand of God at work.

I find it funny. But it is not divine. It is statistics, odds, dumb luck.

Or, the show has a way to cheat and set this up. And then the show is controlled and rigged. But I don't see any evidence of that available. So, I take them at their word that it is completely random and out of there hands.

So we are talking about random choices and gamesmanship.

Consider. If he had seen those 3 values and bought into fate, what might have happen? Their is the tiny value, the value equal to his parents story, and the big massive value. Wouldn't fate or God then have given him the big prize? So he should refuse all deals and take the case he picked at the start. And that would have ended the show with him leaving with less than $1,000.

What would fate or God be saying with that?

Numbers, statistics, odds.

Let us not make idols of them, hmm?

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