Monday, February 18, 2008



I'd say it's being generous to refer to this so-called "largest ever" recall as being half-assed. While it's good to see the USDA actually showing interest in regulation of a dodgy industry instead of the usual practice of waiting until someone gets sick or dies, ordering a "recall" and then admitting that "almost all of this product is likely to have been consumed" is not exactly impressive. How many other meat packing shops are slaughtering "downer cows" and putting the country at risk? What took so long here?

This specific shop was only discovered thanks to former workers who provided secret tapes to the Humane Society. The Bush-USDA doesn't really care what goes on, as long as the money keeps on flowing. Compassion always seems to be limited to the almighty dollar instead of consumers. You know, those 300 million people who represent 70% of the US economy. Don't they count?
This current administration has been abominable on regulation. The conservative cry is always. let business regulate itself.

Beef, Spinach, Beef, Toys, Beef...again and again. Some gets sick or dies, THEN the government reacts.

The legacy of this conservative vision. Sickness, fear, and uncertainty.

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