Friday, July 31, 2009

THAT Family.

Every time I see Jeff Sharlet interviewed, or his book on the C Street Family, I am just shocked, but not shocked. The Reasonable Doubts podcast had a great interview with him.

What really stays with me is the King David story, as it dovetails with the Mark Sanford business of so well.

As he notes it, the philosophy of the group goes to the view one should have of biblical figures. When they were having one of their talks the question was asked of what should be thought of King David. By default it was thought that he was great. David and Goliath, and a biblical king, why not. Then the actual story was noted, with the wife stealing and murder (and we could go into the actual bloody history of his rise to power (turning traitor, territorial expansionist, wide us of paid assassins, etc.). But looking at the wife business in place the group waivers. But then the point is made, he was chosen by God...oooooo. So who cares? He's good with God, you don't get to question. Then the idea is related to the hypothetical sexual abuse of kids by a Family member. Is it bad? Good question. They start to agree it is...then the hammer falls. They, as a member of the Family...are God's chosen. So they are like King David. All is forgiven, and we have been seeing just what they need to be forgiven for. And this is just what has gotten out.

So we see how this plays out, with Gov. Sanford. He has long railed against those that break their marriage vows, and seen them as unfit to govern. But what about Mark? He has sinned. He has breached the rules, betrayed his family, and tried to hide. It doesn't count. He is like King David. It was laughable when he first made the comment. It made no sense. But now we have context for these words and his thinking. He is above the law. He is above his marriage vows. He is above his oath to the citizens of his state. He is above human rules, law, and ethics. They all are in there minds.

To the Family there is evil, there is injustice, there is crime, and there is blame. It is just not to be lain upon or thrust through those doors on C Street.

Gee, not like we ever see this attitude among fervent and pious.

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