Tuesday, September 25, 2012

National Voter Registration Day

It's September 25th, and that's National Voter Registration Day.

No chocolate bunnies, no day off from work, no mulled what's its piping in the kitchen. But you also don't have to get a shot, go to the dentist, or take the ACT's (Unless you do have any of that scheduled for today. Bad luck there.).

Anyhow. What you do get to do is guarantee you will be able to ensure you can enact your right to vote come November (or earlier if you have Early Voting in your area...Do you know if you can vote early where you are?).

And, if you want to help out, be sure to see if your friends and family are registered yet. Here's Obama's page to get people registered: Gotta Register.

With so many economic and budgetary issues on the board to be addressed. With so many rights at risk of being taken, or denied. With people like Ryan, Romney, McConnell, and Cantor walking around with bulging folders of bad ideas for this country. You really need to be sure you are registered, before time runs out.

And, come November, you need to vote.

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