Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas: Let's just watch something and not talk. *UPDATED*

Well. It is Christmas Day...Crap! It's Christmas. That means you may be stuck with family. The awkward questions. The awkward silences. The awkward family members. What to do?!

What do we do in America? Watch some TV. But, trying to be me, let me offer up some ideas you may not have considered. If you can get them, enjoy them. ...So many Christmas choices.

Friday, December 21, 2012

In case you haven't heard, the Apocalypse is cancelled.

The Apocalypse is cancelled!

What? You still think it's coming? You want to fret over calendars, poems, and verses?

You want to challenge Idris Elba?


Is there a need for anything else to be said?


Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 21st: It's the End of the...Week.

Is December 21st here already? No? It's tomorrow? Whew! So I still have time to start and finish that novel I've been meaning to write. I do love a deadline.

How time flies while you march towards oblivion.

BOOM! It's all over.

Or, maybe it all will end with the sound of a subtle fart at boring dinner party. Who can say?!

Well, I guess Revelation can. And Nostradamus. And the Mayan Calendar/Industrial Complex.

Granted. Revelation is talking about an event from during the time the Roman Empire controlled the Middle East. And Nostradamus was a poet and a doctor who's work future sight is...good for a laugh. And the Mayans, first, didn't really see the fall of their own culture. And, second, don't, even today, think their calendar means remotely what the "experts" think it means.

It's all ridiculous. I'd call it silly. But people actually have already destroyed their lives over the talk being peddled about the 21st. Lives are being hurt. Some may actually kill themselves. Fostering this fear and sense of doom is not good (Looking at you History Channel. Nice block of doomsday shows you have on today.).

So, try and reassure anyone that you think might need worrying about that calendars are meant to come to ends, so you'll have to carve another one out of a stone wheel. That, yes, we may well be passing through the galactic center, but it isn't even that interesting to astronomers and astrophysicist (And you know guys like Phil Plaitt are gagging for something interesting to happen.).

The movie, 2012, isn't going to happen on Friday. It is a big dumb disaster movie, with ridiculous and improbable events, and I'm not talking about the acting and casting.

It is all stupid. But our culture likes to build this crap up and scare a portion of us. Let's all be the rational counterbalance. Okay?

It's the holidays...and I should be writing.


Yes. What the fuck.

Okay. Mostly this is mostly a note to me, because I have allowed myself to go radio silent on the blog for about a month now, and that is rather annoying me. It's not as if this has been an uneventful month on any front of interest to me. But I have been struggling to write. Sitting down, organizing thoughts, putting them down in a semi-coherent form, and hitting post, it just hasn't been happening for me. And that annoys me.

Worse, it means I start, as I've noted before, building up tabs on my browsers full of topics and articles I want to reference and talk about. And then it all gets overwhelming, and it...eh.

But it has been extra annoying as I've been, for the last month wanting to write some posts on the holiday season (Yes, Richard Dawkins, it is a valid phrase. Learn to live with that.). I missed Diwali by a day, it happens. But Hanukkah  I started writing something up on it on Day 1. And, on Day 9, still nothing was done. You may be thinking, "But Jaded Skeptic, there are only 8 days in Hanukkah " Or, you may not know that. In which case, SEE, I've failed you. Point is, it didn't get done, in an 8 DAY window.

My procrastinating on this is getting out of hand. Particularly as their are things I want to talk about here, and things I'd enjoying sharing.

So, again, this mostly about kicking myself, and being pissed at a missed seasonal opportunity to share. So, next year, we'll talk Hanukkah, Diwali, Ramadan, etc.

But maybe I can tweak some of the interesting Christmas customs...maybe. It does feel cheap to just talk Christ Mass. Rather run of the mill, isn't it?


Let the frog play the trumpet...That's how we all celebrate December, right?