Friday, February 15, 2013

Marco Rubio and the Same Old Party

Oh, Marco. You give and you give. And it was funny. As I said on FaceBook, Rubio wants to just call it, God trying to make him humble. But, presumably, a god could also be trying to get across the message that you should just not be talking.

And that seems apt with what Rubio had to say that night. It was ridiculous, though most of it was missed thanks to Water-gate.

Even Jon Stewart noted, that the real story was the ridiculous series of claims that Rubio threw out.

It almost isn't really worth talking about. It really is just Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, with a better polling name. It's the same rhetoric and complaints and ideas. They aren't getting fresher. And the hypocrisy of Ryan and him, how their lives have been shaped by government aid will do nothing to advance them or their party to more victories. Rubio's presentation was bad that night. But he also reminded us that his parties ideas are just not ready for prime time. Sadly, his party seems oblivious of this.

Or rather, they think they just need the right snake oil salesman.

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