Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No Ash Wednesday *UPDATED*


Do I have to talk about Ash Wednesday as well?






Good. It's silly.


Well, I was going to get serious now on Ash Wednesday, consider the ashen cross on the foreheads. Because they are interesting to consider as overt presentations of faith.

And Bob Novak (Late King of the Douche Bags  was a man who loved nothing more than hang his moral and religious superiority over anyone and everyone. He loved to go on TV to display the ash as a debate weapon. He could make it feel a distasteful display.

But as I was looking for a picture of him, I was looking at various people, including Vice President Biden, who are photographed with ash on the forehead. And when you think of this as a temporary one day affectation, that most people don't bother keeping on their faces way. Why should I be bothering with it? It is harmless. Why bother with him? He was never not harmful.

Screw him.

Instead, like many others are doing today, let's hail to the king.

Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

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