Friday, March 01, 2013

Boehner: Declare victory, Fist pump, Go out for celebratory drinks. *UPDATED*

A lot of conservatives have tried to come out and declare that this sequestration business is all President Obama's fault.
"It was his idea!"
And that sounds like a great point! Except, regardless of who came up with the idea first or proposed it as a compromise, it went to Congress, and was passed by Congress. And, here's the big twist, John Boehner is in Congress and actually in charge of one of the chambers. And if that isn't enough, watch this:

Boehner bragged, when sequestration was made law, that he'd gotten virtually EVERYTHING he wanted. He seemed to be on board with sequestration. And to be fair, so was the president. But Boehner was eager to crow about getting his 98%.

Now the GOP seems to want to pretend that they somehow have NOTHING to do with it. It was all just slipped by them, like the birth certificate.

Sequestration was a stupid way to get around a stupid problem. Conservatives wanted to fight on the debt, on the budget, on anything and everything, and just derail the government, in the hopes it would get them the White House, and both chambers of Congress. We finally got to the point that things were getting serious for the financial stability of the nation, and everyone needed to actually govern. Conservatives had backed themselves into a corner they couldn't get out off without looking like the idiots they are. So, we ended up with sequestration, so everyone could like next time we would all be adults about the financing and running of the country.

Unsurprisingly, the GOP still refuses to grow up, or come in from playing to clean up before lunch. No talk on revenue or taxes is possible. Only cuts. But not the sequestration cuts!!! Those are BAD cuts. We have to cut the right things. What? ...Obamacare?

If you want to take something useful as a tool from this business, consider all the talk and stories on the work that can't or won't be done by workers and businesses across the country. Look at the talk of all the teachers, DoD workers or affiliated businesses, food inspectors, etc. So does government spending have an impact on employment and the economic vitality of the country? Or doesn't it?

We know cutting spending now is dangerous. Particularly with the troubles are economy is having know. Sequestration is something that should not be allowed to continue. It's haphazard. It's too steep. It's more or less what the GOP always says it wants to do to our budget and government.

The GOP wants to continue on, it is what they run on, it's what they always say they would do, what they say has to happen. Slash! Cut and burn.

After all, is it liberals or conservatives that are obsessed with cutting the budget? Or does the GOP, maybe, see value in the government spending money in

But, guys and gals? We will need some money in the coffers to invest in the country. And we all know who's currently hoarding most of it.


Also thought I should mention that in the argument over cuts and taxes, let's remember some things.

First, their was a "tax increase" earlier this year. It was a pain in the ass fight to do, but we did end a tax holiday for a small group of the rich. At the same time we made the tax holiday for the rest a actual tax cut. So we did raise to normal some peoples taxes, and gave others a tax cut.

If you listen to Boehner, that is all that's happen. No. The president has been making cuts to spending the last 4 years, again, despite claims he's led the most expansive growth of government (EVER IN THE HISTORY OF HISTORY!!!). No. There is growth in areas. But it's also been pruned. Just in the last two years we've cut well over a billion dollars in the deals made (Think Progress has a nice short video showing what's been happening.). No the GOP wants to keep pretending cuts have been avoided.

Not to mention, again, that the necessary and fair levels of revenue/taxes are being brought in.

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