Monday, March 04, 2013

Michigan, Inc. - Selling it for parts.

Gov Snyder, the creepy executive of Michigan is continuing his privatization of his state. Across the state he has been placing cities under the control of Emergency Managers. This ends the democratic control and authority of citizens.

Now he has set his sights on controlling Detroit.

Why does the GOP want to make Robocop 3 a reality?!

Snyder is declaring another financial emergency, and in comes the Emergency Manager. And out goes the power of the mayor and city council. No one can act as the manager sells off property, functions, and materials. So look forward to the auctions. Also the manager can void contracts, so we can expect layoffs. So services are going away or worsening, all things that should do a bang up job of improving the state's condition  At this point the state is approaching having half of all blacks in the state denied any voice in government.

And if you actually have a doubt about how little the GOP cares for the opinion and desires of voters, just look to last year. The people of Michigan voted to end the Emergency Managers law. Then, in December, Snyder signed a new Emergency Manager law, bypassing the people of Michigan. Screw the people. More to the point, Snyder is telling Michigan it...Well, actually, he's the one screwing Michigan. And Snyder has been wringing his hands about this Detroit decision. But as he's been putting in Emergency Managers around the state, and reappointing them, he's had his eye on Detroit, waiting for the time to declare an emergency.

Michigan is having troubles. But what Snyder and the GOP want and are doing is killing the state, denying the people their voices, and helping their benefactors profit greatly from it all.

The GOP plan for America is written across Michigan today. A better America? Who needs that? The money is in selling it for parts. 

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