Friday, March 28, 2014

Rifftrax, Getting Ready to Riff

It's time to welcome some more Rifftrax shenanigans. For the Spring and Summer they are planning out some events, outside their regular output of new movie riffs (Cyborg Cop 2, etc.).

By Rifftrax, I mean Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy, the leads of the last half of the run of Mystery Science Theater 3000. They went on to put out DVD's where they skewered bad movies (like Giants of Marathon) as The Film Crew. Then they eventually found themselves continuing the laughs at Rifftrax. (Many of the other writers and faces of Mystery Science Theater 3000 worked on Cinematic Theater, a similar concept.) Along with releasing riffing commentaries and some movies with the commentaries laid over, they do live shows. But now we get something new.

On April 1st, we get Total Riff Off!

They will be taking a look at some of National Geographic/s documentaries, and then skewer them. And some of them sound that they really need a good skewering...

Like the nasty koala.

the angry shrimp,

the dog with a fun job,

something probably made up,

and some crafty raccoons.

But after that, we have a live show to look forward to in early July. And earlier today the Rifftrax Trio announced what we can look forward.

Yup. Time for a Sharknado.

A ridiculous Asylum production. Some have had some doubts about riffing a movie so purposely bad. But I think does it offers ripe material for the writers at Rifftrax. Not to mention the sheer failure in editing and continuity in constructing scenes. It should be prove an interestingly good/bad experience. 

Between the National Geographics and the Sharknado, it will be a far more interesting several months.

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