Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Creeping on women is creepy. *UPDATE*

For some reason, there are guys that think commenting on women's physical attributes is pleasing to women...when it has nothing to do with what the women are doing/talking about. Then there are the guys that think they are accomplishing something valuable in "screaming" words like TITS in comment sections... Guys? You are just being dicks.

From Cracked.com:

As has been long noted, this is something that happens to women. If it happens to a guy, it's a rare thing, and it isn't built into a hostile sexual cultural norm. Women are expected to just put up with it, or never come on the Internet ever again. That's the choice women are often given.

Fuck that.

And if you want to swim in the inane mindset that is pleased to be an ass to women, just go to the comments and see the guys that are indignant about the this video. And then the guys that think they are being such a wit by doing things described as offensive and hurtful.

Lesson: Just don't read comment sections. Thankfully, for me, I have nothing in my comment sections...Well, there is the occasional bot generated ad.


Here's an article looking at how women get treated in the game industry. And another article.
Women in the industry are told by men what is valid for us to feel. The conversations tend not to recognize the reality of the situation, and the very real threats that can occur at gaming events or in our day-to-day lives. We’re told it doesn’t matter, to grow a thicker skin, and that men go through the same thing. 
I have yet to talk to a man who has had to call a police officer due to a stalker, only to be told nothing can be done until they are physically assaulted. It’s hard to explain what it’s like to be at a gaming event, cornered by someone who claims to be a fan, and to be physically kept from leaving by someone holding you in place or putting their body between you and the exit.
Far too many guys either are or choose to be blind to what women are being put through. They outright dismiss the abuse and the fear. No one deserves to be made to feel unsafe in our virtual communities. No one deserves to have their concerns so casually dismissed like this. We should expect better, not just tell people to suck it up and take the abuse.

Then there's the anger. The hostility from guys towards women that speak up. It's almost not surprising. Women just talking about the latest phone release, or app, will have abuse thrown at her. Why not when she dares to speak out as well? ...Sigh.
We all deserve better than this.

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