Sunday, July 13, 2014

Friday the 13th on Sunday the 13th (Kinda) - Episode 10 - Tales of the Undead

The 13th comes again, and I'm stuck travelling. Still, that don't mean nothing. At least we can start the episode.

So, let's look at Friday the 13th the Series.

The episode is...

"Tales of the Undead"

As you can see behind the title in the picture above, we are delving into the world of comic books. So are cursed item this time around?

An evil comic book, of course.

Oh my god, Fredric Wertham was right!
So I guess Fredric...Oh I beat myself to that one...

But what else do I see in that title above? Is that...

"Don't mess with me. Even Carl Sagan says I'm the Bad Boy of

...David Hewlett? A young David Hewlett?

Yes it is. Ah, back before he was a brilliant scientist working in another galaxy (Stargate: Atlantis), occasionally accidentally blowing up planets, he was an obnoxious nerd who liked to shoplift and dream of ruling the world...or something.

"Told you as I was a bad boy."

I knew he was secretly evil.

"Come on. I need that Kaylee action figure."
Not Rodney is called Cal. He walks around the comic shop and slips a comic under his coat. Though I don't think he folded it in half, creating a crease, so he may not be all evil. Continuing around the store, he picks up another comic and gets ready to buy it, when he sees our cursed item. He is utter awe when he sees it. After he finishes drooling over the case holding the comic of horror, he heads over to the shop owner.

The owner is pretty proud of the comic. It's an original first issue of a still running comic series, Tales of the Undead. It's a one of a kind comic. Priceless.

Cal instantly wants it. He asks to buy it, but it's not in his price range. Still, he is in awe of it. It draws him. It calls to him. And it's more than his being a fan of the books main character, Ferris the Invincible.

This seems to confirm that cursed items usually pick their users. Others might be able to activate them, but they seem to have a way of sussing out ripe targets to propagate their evil. They tap into the target's weakness, fear, or dark impulses, and...we get an episode.

"A first edition Stargate: Atlantis issue one? I hear those are
worth upward of 3 to 4 Canadian dollars."
But before we can get to that, Ryan pops up! It's is a bit of a change up. The curse isn't even out killing yet, but one of the team is on the scene. I am glad when they get to play with show's setup.

This is also going to be a Jack Marshak free episode. So it will focus fully on Micki and Ryan.

Ryan isn't on the case though. It's his local comic shop (LCS). He's also there to check out the first issue find. The owner is eager to show him it, as he's also a fan of Ferris the Invincible.

It's also nice to see the team have interactions outside the job. I can see Ryan as a comic fan.

Also, it's nice to see a friendly comic shop on a show. The owner seems nice enough. ...I'm sure something horrible will happen now.

And horrible things will come. That's the show we're looking at.

But as well, we are going to get some Ray Walston fun.


I'll update this post later with more on this episode.

But if you'd like to take a look at this episode in the mean time...

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