Saturday, July 21, 2007

Collin's rage

It's understandable that Susan Collins is lashing out via her campaign staff, she is after all in increasing danger of losing her job because of her staunch support for George Bush and the war in Iraq. Susan Collins represents everything that is wrong with the Republican party today - it's people like her who forced me to leave the GOP over a decade ago. She thinks her only job is to be a rubber stamp for George Bush's failed war and failed administration. So, yes, Susan now thinks that anyone who disagrees with her about the war is a hate-filled, quasi-violent extremist (sounding a bit like Bush and Cheney, demonizing anyone who disagrees with you, eh Susan?). Also, note her staffer's use of the word "quasi-violent". Classic Susan Collins. She simply can't take a clear position on anything. Always trying to split the baby in half. So it's not "violent," it's "quasi" violent, whatever the heck that wishy-washy word means. It will be nice next November when Maine replaces Susan with a real Senator.

Susan Collins, the quasi-Senator.

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