Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Future the for Fight

The president showed the country a nice bit of gall today in his big speech. Like McCain earlier in the day, he had plenty to say, but I was really struck by one attempt to scare his audience, America. He warned us, we have to succeed in Iraq for the sake of our children and grandchildren.


But let we put these questions forward. For such a critical struggle…Where was the president’s effort? Where was his determination? Where was his commitment?

Yes, the president is determined to stay there. But not to do it well. He has shown the commitment of a gambler looking to keep a hand in a game, but not really win.

When the planning was underway, why was the plan based on Neocon spitballing and need to prove their pet theories? Why was the planning for post war anemic? Why were and are the troops under supported (in equipment and manpower) and under protected? Why were the most capable and knowledgeable shunned from postwar reconstruction? Why was international support squandered?

And there is oh so many more questions. Read Imperial Life in the Emerald City, it’s rundown of the administrations thinking is DAMNING.

Vital struggle? Really? I have seen no evidence of that in how the president has led and in the resources he and his have made available. He wants to lay the blame for the troubles in Iraq on everyone but himself. And seeing as he okayed the decisions and decision makers, he deserves blame. And seeing as, in the lead up to war and right after it ended, he had Congressional support he has no one to blame. Any money and support he wanted or needed he had available. He let it go to waste.

Now our military is overtaxed, stressed out, and overstressed. So the idea that we can expand the Surge is laughable. And what brilliant new strategy will reshape the geography? Partitioning? And then what will Turkey do? Neither they nor Iran want a new Kurdistan. And when the Sunni and Kurds want to decide who gets Kirkuk? That is not going to be pretty.

There is no glorious solution here. No shining victory. No clean cut. It would be nice if the president would acknowledge this for the public’s sake. As it is, he seems to know, but want to smile and grandstand until out of office. Saved by the bell. No ones buying him out of this “business decision.” He must almost wish for removal from office.

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