Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ignore Egnor...That's what you do with trolls.

PZ Myer:
John Scopes was prosecuted for teaching the theory of evolution. He used a textbook called A Civic Biology, by GW Hunter, which, if you ever seen it, is a rather awful book, and is certainly something we wouldn't want poisoining our classrooms today. Michael Egnor, as behind the times and obtuse as ever, uses the ugly racism of A Civic Biology to falsely damn evolution. He quotes some nasty bits of the book, such as suggestions to prevent breeding with the feeble-minded and its equation of civilization with white skins, and then concludes with a foolish switcheroo.


If Egnor hadn't already shown himself for a fool, he wants to remind us all that he can be dishonest.

Social Darwinism - Evolution NOT THE SAME THING. How hard is that?

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