Saturday, June 20, 2009

I ran for cover, you ran for trouble.

It is something to watch Republicans these days. I remember the days of "support the troops", "my country right or wrong", "we should all follow the presidents lead". My, those days are gone for sure.

But it just gets zanier for them. I mean, look at Iran. They curse the president for not speaking out enough and not saying things he did say. They want then want threats, anger, and to be a rallying point (for people who aren't THAT crazy about us). How rich is it to see Mr. Bomb Iran, bemoaning the fate of Iranian people. So rich. Watching Chambliss gives a good taste of this.

Besides the fact that it is down right infuriating to listen to the likes of Saxby Chambliss now feigning concern about fair and free elections anywhere, the Senator also thinks that the Iranian people, if asked, would not remember what the CIA and the United States government did to their democracy back in 1953.

Reza Aslan pointed out that the opposite is true during his recent appearance on Hardball:
ASLAN: You know, he mentioned the CIA coup of 1953, which most Americans don't know anything about, but which, I got to tell you, is like the core event, the ur-event of the 20th century as far as Iranians are concerned. It's their revolutionary war, civil war all wrapped up into a single thing. And to hear a president even mention it, let alone acknowledge it in that way, had a huge effect in the cafes in Iran.
The Republicans continue to use the events in Iran as a game of political football, with little care as to how our actions here, if we're looked at as meddling again in their politics, could make things worse.

Yes. Now, suddenly, Republicans are citizens of the world. Yeesch.

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