Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When did hating America become patriotic?

When did it? As I have been watching conservatives mouth off and rant in the last month they have veered further and further into attacks they once called unamerican and traitorous. But now it is all virtuous and true.

You have the John Voight's declaring the president a new Caesar (w/ vid). Apparently Bush's marching the legions into 2 countries, and cracking down on liberties in this one don't count that way. Then he says he is too weak and naive. He makes no sense. But this guy is a tool, and an actor, so who really cares.

But you have Orrin Hatch who reminds us how we can all get along. Just do as he and the rest of Republicans demand. How nice of him.

Cause as Glenn Beck likes to remind us, progressives are the problem with the country.

And as Dr. Tiller's murderer promises, more violence is coming. How nice of the conservative nut jobs.

And the Secret Service seems to be quite busy dealing with a number of ongoing threats to the President...and conservatives love America...?

So why are they angry. Apparently Newt knows. Gingrich has warned the pious...those PAGANS are everywhere...LOOK OUT!!!

As Crooks and Liars, among others, have been chronicling, the right wing has been passionately decrying day after day march to socialism. They seem to love to announce and decry it time and again, as Chris Wallace was on his show (w/ vid).

Better yet we have Rep. Kirk of Illinois. He is advising the world to not trust the government financial is warning the world away from doing business with the US...WTF?
Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) now appears to have taken a bold step in the debate over the budget deficit: Openly telling a foreign government not to trust the administration in Washington.

The Straits Times reports that Kirk spoke to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think tank, and discussed a meeting he had with Chinese leaders. ...

He's telling the Chinese our number are not to be trusted, particularly if we make changes to health care. Nice. Remember when a female politician wearing a scarf while visiting the Middle East was a betrayal of American ideals?

And then there are others in Congress, actually have been disclosing dribs and drabs of our intel secrets. What patriots. Remember when this stuff was supposed to be wrong?

What further damage could these America loving patriots do to the country? Oh yeah! Rush and others are calling for boycotts of GM and its cars and services. So they want to destroy one of the countries large businesses...

Geez, these people are such tools. Let us see, disrupt the economy, reveal intel secrets, foment revolt and violence, disrupting our diplomacy with other nations, and we are supposed to be more worried about an old man in a cave on the other side of the world? I mean, really, conservatives in power the last eight years and out of power now seem far more capable and active doing far more damage.

Anything else? Oh right. Republicans want to keep the Supreme Court seat held up for a couple of years.

Republicans are now suggesting that they need a pro-rata allotment of days before Sonia Sotomayor's hearings based on the time she's served on the bench. Which, we did the math, would come out to waiting 610 days before the senate can hold hearings on her confirmation. How does that make sense? Eric Kleefeld got their spokesman on the phone to see if they're really going to hold out for the full two years.

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