Friday, June 26, 2009

Republicans, Christians, and Moral Superiority

It is cute to watch Republicans these days, and to an extent Christian's self-apologizing. And TPM has done a good job of covering it all.

They have up both a slide show of the scandals of the conservative movement, and also a flowchart to explain what is going on with there reps and leaders.

But there reactions on the right to events says it all.

From Limbaugh blaming the SC sex scandals on Obama...

To the decision of the pious and true, declaring those in the social conservative who ever fail or falter were never really on the team (he was never my friend/my champion/my ally)...

To Gov. Sanford himself. The man who has built a career on ending the careers of those with moral failiings declares that he is immune. If King David kept his job after an affair, he gets to keep his...

Isn't that nice?

Thanks Christians. After all the talk of moral absolutes, the unchanging rules, the unending certitude...When it hits too close to oneself, it is different.

If the hypocrisy of Sanford in cheating while spouting as he did was not enough, then he goes about forgiving himself. And how often have we seen that? In the RNC? In churches?

Moral superiority must be really cool.

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