Sunday, August 04, 2013

Dr Who - A New Who, An Old Friend. Quite a way to celebrate a 50th birthday.

So the news is out. We have a new Who.

I don't feel like I've discussed Doctor Who much on this blog, and I should sometime lay out how I feel about it, it's history, and what it does mean to me. Not to mention, for those that don't watch the show, why we have a new Doctor, and what the Doctor is. But for now, I am going to assume if you are still reading this you know something of Doctor Who.

Back to today. We have a new Doctor to lead the show.

I had thought of talking about the old ritual that happens when we learn their will be a change of Doctors.

The whole...:

  1. Who's that?
  2. They're different, I don't like them.
  3. Is that how they'll look on the show?
  4. Oh, I like that look from the leaked photos from set.
  5. It looks like this could be fun.
  6. This is my favorite Doctor ever.

And that's the positive response.

But here we have something a little different. We have Peter Capaldi. The 12th Doctor.

I guess we know what Malcolm Tucker got up to after getting the sack.

"Fires of Pompeii" is also the first appearance of
Karen Gillian (Amelia Pond) on Doctor Who.

Peter Capaldi. Interesting choice. Like Tom Baker back in the 70's, he comes in as something of a known quantity (Not to put down any of the other actors to become the Doctor). He is well known for  at least one show he recently starred in.). Also, like Colin Baker, he's well known by Doctor Who fans. He's been a guest star five years back in an episode of Doctor Who, "Fires of Pompeii". The next year he played a quasi-baddie in Torchwood's Children of Earth.

My reaction has to be that I am pleased. He is a good actor and fan. From the various roles I've seen him in, he has range. He's been a vicious foul mouthed public servant. He's been the softhearted father. And I can't help, but be eager to see what they plan for him as the Doctor.

Though looking at him at the introduction today, with his greying hair, suit, and thin figure, I kind of would like to see a play off of the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. A dandy adventurer. I don't know, maybe it is an odd passing fancy.

But however they want to take the character, we should see Matt Smith regenerate into Capaldi by the end of the year, at the Christmas Special.

"I trust you left the keys in the ignition, Matt?"

A new Doctor before the New Year...well two, with John Hurt appearing in the 50th Anniversary show in November (But we can get to that in another post.)

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