Saturday, August 17, 2013

Funny thing happen while I street viewed around London.

If you haven't seen this...

Google, as they like, has had some nerdy fun with one of their services. In this case, with Google Maps.

Going here, will place you in front of an old early 20th century London police box.

This is, if you know too much about Doctor Who, is a police box that has been placed outside of the Earl's Court tube station. Nice to get your picture in front of.

But, if you don't live there, or can't travel there, it is little use to you. But Google has come up with a way to experience it. First, it can be gone to on Street View. And, yes, I have gone places through Street View (novel, sad, you decide). But once you go to it, like via the link above, you can "enter" it. And you will be aboard the current manifestation of the TARDIS (from Doctor Who).

And there you can wonder around the control room.

So try it out and just root around.

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