Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Little more with the new Doc, Peter Capaldi

Let's talk about Peter Capaldi just a bit more.

As I mentioned in my last post, seeing pics of him walking out for the reveal, it struck me it would be interesting to see him play a Doctor in the vein of the 3rd Doctor, Jon Pertwee. He just has a tall lanky build and is an "older" (as much as that means today) gentleman, much like Pertwee.

And for the "head canon" of some, it would fit well...maybe. It is a matter of what each regeneration means, in the show. (Sure their is the logic of the producers to retool the show with each new Doctor. But...) Someone along the way came up with the after the fact view of regenerations that they reflect on how each Doctor's era comes to an end.

The idea is that the experiences affect the seemingly random regenerations that the Doctor goes through.

  • The 3rd Doctor after his time on Earth, stuck, and confined by UNIT and the Time Lords, became a bohemian joker. 
  • After so many years of travel, the 4th Doctor chose to take on a far more youthful and innocent form. 
  • After all his loses and a long poisoned death, the 5th Doctor took on a new form as a harder and more closed off Doctor. 

...For the 7th and 8th Doctor...it's more a mess...I blame FOX (for the 8th).

  • The 9th Doctor was a way to mourn what he had did in the Time War.
  • The 10th Doctor was his way to reconnect with the universe, and better open to Rose.
  • And the 11th Doctor, after how far the 10th went by the end, was a way to step back.

(It's head canon.)
So, next. Where does he go next?

He's going from the kid to the grey hair. He's travelling, and will for the foreseeable future, be travelling with young ladies. He's going from the possible bf/best mate to more father figure figure/uncle (non-creepy kind). He's going from the boyish form to the authority figure. And he's being taken up by an actor who can leap into a fierce argument, and flip over into a heavy dose of charm.

Since the Wedding. Their has been some idea of the Doctor stepping back out of the limelight (to some extent). Maybe come Christmas the Doctor will like a new face to take charging back into the light.

Whatever comes, I trust they will be taking advantage of the resources they've know repurposed into the 12th Doctor.

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