Monday, December 02, 2013

Celebrating 50 Years of Doctor Who: By pen and maquette.

It's still the 50th Anniversary of the Doctor. So, be sure to enjoy people's hard work to celebrate and share their love.

A short animation for the anniversary, enjoy the passage of the Doctor through the decades, from one face to another. It is quite lovely. Enjoy.

And then there's Doctor Puppet. I have noted it before, but it uses stop motion to take the 11th Doctor on an adventure that brings him in contact with his previous selves, and leaving them in growing peril. It's cute and interesting to watch. (There are 5 episodes at present.)
The First Episode - The Red X

The Second Episode - The Conjunction of Eleven

And, the Making Of, with Alisa Stern. (There are a total of 4 parts at present.)

Part 1 - From Script to Screen

Part 2 - Puppets are Cool

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