Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Trailers in Short: From Frank to Reich

Time for some more trailers. Frankenstein fights...something. Keanu Reeves leaves me troubled. Tarzan finds a new dimension. Mr. Peabody should ground Sherman, for the sake of time. And, Robert Reich has something to say.

I, Frankenstein

What...? Bat/Bird people. Fancy blades. And an Eckhart Monster?

But I don't want to judge on his appearance. And I've seen reserved takes on Frankenstein's Monster before. But I see this ad and think, "What am I looking at?"

What is this? It looks like one of those movies that has the odds on of being really bad. But, it could be ridiculously good. It could even be a competent fantasy tale. But...what? Is this some angel/demon war? ...What?

Now I do know that this is based on a comic book story. But this trailer...Everything about this trailers has me thinking that this movie has to start with a long string of text setting things up, or a long bit of narration. So much to lay out.

But, hey, you get some Miranda Otto. Always a plus.

47 Ronin

Oh, good. Keanu Reaves is playing a savior again. This time he's saving Japan.

That's a bit factitious. But he's playing "the half breed", who is needed to help the Ronin in their quest to save their land (..Japan, part of And, it isn't necessarily a historic land, it's magical, with strange creatures, and witches, and other beings...That make it more palatable?

Now, I don't know if Reeves is partly Japanese, but the movie stretched here is to justify his part. And it means bypassing all the Japanese (or actors from other parts of Asia) actors that could have fulfilled the role. And the hurdle the movie makers have given me is making me struggle with even the trailer.

The 47 Ronin come from a great legendary tale of Japan. It's sad that it seems so hard to bring a version, even a fantastical one, to US audiences. ...Of course, the movie could also be a huge mess. I just couldn't get passed Reeves to consider that.

Tarzan 3D

A Tarzan animated movie. Well, the first thing that pops into my head when that's said is the Disney one. It just sticks with you. Still, that doesn't seem like an argument against this. The animation in it might. Being this realistic looking is tricky (the whole realism curve), and in a movie full of action it's very tricky.

The one thing that almost interests me is the magic meteor rock. That brings a feel of the old pulp stories of Tarzan. But it stays on the more mundane side. It's an animated movie. Just go all in. Meteor rocks. Ancient immortal lizard species. Lost civilization. Go crazy...Not like they'll get to make another Tarzan movie.

(I will say though, that having him found by apes at an older age makes some sense. An infant would not have survived...Is being more realistic a plus with Tarzan?)

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

By all rights I should instantly hate this movie. Mr. Peabody and Sherman come from a world of short and simple cartoons, meant to fill out "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show". Those types of concepts are tricky to expand out into a movie. And many cartoons don't get translated well to modern designs or writing. The path to the cinema is scattered with failed ideas and movie bombs.

BUT, of the different shorts from Bullwinkle, this one has the best shot. I mean, would we want a movie following that Victorian era elderly racist explorer? No.

This could be fun...It just has all those bad movies it follows...Maybe I'll catch when it's on TV someday.

Inequality For All

Robert Reich is always interesting to listen to. And this movie follows him and the issues in the economy. The topic is important. It seems like an interesting movie, and I do need to catch.

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