Saturday, May 31, 2014

DC Comics does Reading

Saw this set of reading aids via DC Comics characters on Tumblr. They are ridiculous and silly.

Of course we have all seen this one.

It's long since become a meme.

But how about these?

Superman? It's algae.I don't think it's fighting you. ...If you tripped and fell in, could you just admit it. This is just embarrassing.

Batman? First, don't you have any other light source than Bat Matches? didn't tie up Robin, right?

Another excerpt from the tomes of Superman Dickery.

Even as a kid, Superdickery was rampant.

...Yeah. A giant in need of a spoon. Sure you're not screwing with these cops' heads.

As you can see, Streaky is just riveted by Supergirl's book review.

Yeah, it's totally unusual for Ollie Queen to dress up and role play as Batman. Sure.

Superman? You're indestructible. You can land on your bare feet.

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