Saturday, May 31, 2014

Trilogy of Horror B-Days

As will happen in any attempt to group, this week has given us a trio of horror great birthdays. These three fellows spent decades scaring, thrilling, and amusing their fans.

From House of Long Shadows - Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, and Peter Cushing
-- And a John Carradine bonus!

Peter Cushing was born on May 26th. And over his career he was the hero and villain in many a tale. From Doctor Frankenstein to Sherlock Holmes to Doctor Who. Through it all it could be hard not to root for him as his characters faced their travails (often brought on by their own hubris).

Dr. Frankenstein
Sherlock Holmes

The Doctor

Grand Moff Tarkin

Dr. Van Helsing

And, born on a May 27th, there is his old friend, continual adversary, and occasional ally. (The last two being in regards to movie roles. The always wonderful and larger than life Christopher Lee. Thankfully, Lee is still around, and still producing art. (Like a metal album.)


Duc de Richleau

Count Dooku

Finally we have Vincent Price. A charmer. An artist. A staple of so many movies going back to the 1940's, he was ever a character to behold. Like Lee, he was born on a May 27th.

Frederick Loren

Kermit's victim
Dr. Phibes

Prince Prospero

Enjoy a terrible tale, or three, this weekend in honor of them.

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