Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Horror Of...Scheduling, May 2013

Hello, again. It has been awhile since I've done an update.

But this seems like a worthwhile time.

I had hoped to move from my Universal Horror general post into a look at Dracula (1931). Then I thought, "Hey! Let's do a primer on Dracula and his origins! It'll help with that post and future looks at Dracula films." I can't disagree with the logic. Each movie modifies the original novel to some extent, so it's nice to have a common starting point.

The trouble is, what do you cover? I thought I'd casually mention folklore, and then move right into the previous literature. Then I'd move into the novel itself, and round things out with the stage adaptations. But it keeps getting longer, and then history seemed like an interesting addition.

Then my laptop fan died, and I've spent days trying to keep my PC alive. For now, it seems to be up and running. So that panic is done, for now...

Able to finish the post on Dracula's History, I've finally decided that I can't bear to post it in one massive post (at least to me). So...I'll have to break it into four parts...

Hopefully this will feel justifiable in the end. When I did it with the reviews of Midnight Hour and Hogfather, I felt like the reviews got a little out of control. Length of the one movie and the timing of writing the other review had their impacts, but it still felt wrong.

I am being optimistic then that a four part horror history lesson will prove worthwhile, and maybe interesting. So first, From Folklore and History.

Along with that, I have been meaning to finish reviewing Season 1 of Sleepy Hollow. If I don't hurry up I may live up to my own joking about not reviewing the last two episode until Season 2 starts. 


Penny Dreadful has started. It is interesting. I want to review it to. (And my computer drama screwed up the plan to get the first episode review out last week. -- At least I got the teaser post out.) So...I want to get the first two episodes reviewed as quickly as I can. 

Then I can try and get back to Abbie and Ichabod. (I promise myself...)

ALSO! I had wanted to review Almost Human when it was on. Reviewing Sleepy Hollow made that unfeasible. So I thought about doing a Season 1 review. But, now that it's been cancelled, I may go back in do a review of the individual episodes. We'll see. But it would be fun to review some SciFi. (And, MAYBE, the efforts to resuscitate the show will work out. ...Could we also gett Dredd 2?)

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