Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nostalgia - Network Movie Premieres, Trailers in Short

Sometimes us olden folk like some nostalgia. It's a homesickness for the past.

It's like when I was away from home in my first year of college. I had some VHS tapes of shows I'd recorded, and at times, there was a strange sensation on a low day to see ads and channel call letters from home. For moments you're home. (And if you need a refresher course on VHS and VCR's, please look here.)

But we can't go home to the past. We can relive it. We can get stuck in it. We can drown in it.

So let's do a quick toe dip, okay?

One thing that sticks somewhere in the back of the mind are ads. Different places and times take on ads and promotions in their own unique ways. We don't do things like we used to, for the better and the worse. And what can I say, I am a little bit of a sucker for old fashion hype.

Something that we used to have that has long become defunct is ABC/CBS/NBC having MOVIE PREMIERES. ...I mean, between Pay Per View, Netflix, Cable TV, etc...Why do it? No one is clamoring for it. Once though, most people just had the Big 3 Channels, and PBS and some small time local channels. Even when Cable TV became a thing, it wasn't that common. Most people couldn't afford, or didn't bother with, cable.

Antennas, man! That's the future!

So let's look back at the day of the BIG WEEKLY MOVIE PREMIERE ON THE TV BOX!!!

And among those that really liked to get in with a big show was ABC.

Like the greatest of the boy scouts...

Superman: The Motion Picture

Network Television Premiere! Yeah, once that was a thing;a big thing. Woo hoo! A kid gets to watch Superman again! And it's a school night; so cool.

It even gives a glimpse of some of the scenes added back from TV, which I was kind of oblivious to as a kid. As a kid, I didn't get to repeat views of a lot of these film series. I'd have liked to, but I was stuck with an occasional comic or kid's book adaptation at best (also those books that came with a tape that read to you and told you to turn the page). So I would see these movies again and be unsure if I'd forgotten scenes from Superman, Star Trek, etc. As I learned later on, some of these films are edited for TV, and sometimes that actually means that they add things that weren't in the theaters.

How about that opening to the ABC Sunday Night Movie. Talk about a need to try and get you excited to sit back and watch a movie. But I think everyone loved it. Also, they cut the movie IN HALF, and then make you wait a night to finish the movie! Can you imagine that today? We get pissed if we have to wait for the second episode of TV series to buffer on our computer! But, sonny, when I was a kid...

And, yes, Superman: The Motion Picture is brought to you by Atari.
"We apologize for that sucky Superman game we tricked you into buying for our game console. Please enjoy this movie.
Atari: Remember when we were the leader in the latest gaming and arcade tech? Remember Space Invaders, Missile Command, and Centipede? And is that Jack Palance doing the voice over?

Then you also get Today's FBI at a special time...I don't have any recollection of that show. All I can do is try to think of jokes that start, "Today's FBI is..." It is fun to see a show film a special intro to explain that the show was on later.
Sorry we had to move our show over a couple of hours.WE GOT A MOVIE TO SHOW!

Then Code Red! I remember that show. All about a team of a mix of emergency fire services, all lead by Lorne "It's All Right If We Pick A Little Fight" Greene. Action firetruck driving. It also had Sam "Flash! Aha!" Jones! ...Also Adam "eh" Rich.

Sadly, no That's Incredible! tonight. ...I don't remember it being that amazing. I was more a Ripley's kid. But the show was popular for years.

Superman II

Now onto the sequel! But, oh no! That's Incredible! is preempted again. No massive water skiing event for us. No guy pulling a train with his teeth. No monkey bartender. Just a the best of the Superman movies.:( ...Actually, I want to see more of that monkey now.

Also, an offshore oil drilling controversy? That's dated!

And are you falling in love with the ABC movie intro yet? It has pizzazz. It's so excited about itself.

But enough of the Man of Steel, let's head out now. Out into the stars...

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Off to movies on Sunday night. Most don't love this movie, particularly with out the more recent edits to it. But, come on, on TV it's perfect for heading off for a snack or the bathroom or to take a nap during the long boring drawn out scenes. It's only logical.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Uh oh! A Thursday night movie? I don't know if we can cope with this change!

Talk about a movie that pissed you off...when they go to a commercial break. Kids? Do you even remember what a commercial break is?

That seems like enough ancient history for one post.

We'll do some more later. Next time, some kids want to get home. Dad is having trouble at work. Some weather is heading inland. And, you really should have stayed out of the water.

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