Sunday, June 15, 2014

On Father's Day

Spending time with dad.
On Father's Day we try and make an extra effort to remember, or connect with, our dads (or father figures/single moms/etc). Sometimes there isn't enough time in life to appreciate everything about your relation. Sometimes that relationship is a complicated one.

When you look at that relationship over your life, it is complicated. You start out strangers. You grow to admire and be in awe. Then you get credulous. If you have a good relationship you then grow to understand them, their flaws, their hidden assets, and the fact they are a being separate from you that made all those years of efforts for you.

Dads and moms (Though we are focused on dads today because. But that doesn't mean all of this isn't true for our relationships with them as well.). Parents. They go through a lot of garbage for us. Scrimp and save. Sacrifice. Re-prioritize. All for the sake of the next generation.

And I could go into the long list of reasons that biology and nature make those sacrifices occur. But it's like talking about the biology of love. Who the hell cares? Parents take those steps for us.

They get us through to adulthood, and they even still love us (Who knows why?). Even when you screw up. Even when you fight. Even when you push them away.

That is our bond, and it can mean so much.

From Louis C.K., a look at how special and worthwhile fatherhood is:

"I found out that I am a pretty bad father. I make a lot of mistakes. I don't know what I am doing. But my kids love me."
And I love my dad to.

Parenthood is not for everyone, but those that take on the epic quest, thanks.

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