Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Horror Of...Writing in June


Well my effort to start reviewing Penny Dreadful weeks ago did not go to plan. I did want to find a way to start the reviews as the show started, and then by the halfway point...And here we are approaching the season finale.

Still, the first episode review is available now. For the next 6 episodes? ...I have a cunning plan.

I have wanted to think of ways to make reviews less a trek and more a jaunt. I've been working towards some brevity, but this is a chance to really work at cutting things down for quick turnaround. It may yet be a horrible disaster.

The plan is to address (until I have reason otherwise) key questions:

  • What Came Before? - How the last episode ended.
  • A Deathly Cold Open. - Does the episode have a cold open?
  • And Now! - Does the episode continue follow on from the ending of the last episode?
  • Enter Stage Right! - Are there any new outstanding characters to note?
  • To Smile and Smile, and Still... - Are there new baddies to notice or remember?
  • ...And Heard No More. - Are there fatalities to mourn this episode?
  • Revelations! - Are there any plot points we just have to remember?
  • Thoughts? - ...And the rest!

Yeah. I often feel the need to give things quirky names. It's not weird!

We'll see how that works. We'll also see if I can get anywhere near episode 7 of Penny Dreadful by Sunday night. Even if don't finish them all by then, I'll continue with this layout until the penultimate episode.

Also, I finally have finished the look at much of what leads up to Dracula (1931)... And between that and Penny Dreadful, I need a break from the vampires. So I will look at some zombies for The Horror Of... And to try and rap up June, and to start off July, let's go to the prom! ...Well, some schools actually run to the end of June (Good lord!). Also, I have no recollection of when prom occurs in a school year. So let's head to the Dance of the Dead! Woo!

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